Books and booklets

Bibek Dhital 2015: Economic analysis of major field crops

HASERA 2015: Home design Guidelines

Sharma G 2014: Practical hand book for International Permaculture Design Course

Sharma G 2013 : Status of Organic agriculture Production, Certification and Marketing in Nepal, HASERA

Sharma G 2013 : Holistic Development plan for Nepal, HASERA

Sharma G 2013: PDC Manual for Nepalese and similar contexts

Sharma G, Thapa P. B. (eds) 2006: Proceedings of National Workshop on Organic Agriculture and Food Security, Dec 13 – 15, 2005 Kathmandu Nepal, Organized by Nepal Permaculture Group (NPG) Kathmandu Nepal.

Malla Manindra, Sharma Govinda 2005: Finding Natural Path to Sustainability:: Case studies of South Asian Farmers Practicing Sustainable Agriculture, APHD Thailand, August 2005

Sharma G. 2003: Digo Krishi Digo Bikash ra Permaculture (Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Development and Permaculture). Institute for Sustainable Agriculture Nepal (INSAN), Kathmandu, Nepal

Sharma G et al (ed): Permaculture Designers’ Hand book of Nepal, NPG

Sharma G 2002 (ed): Digo Bhu Byabasthapan Mukhi Byabaharik Sikshya Pustika Bhag Dui (Sustainable Soil Management Practical Education Book, Part II). Institute for Sustainable Agriculture Nepal (INSAN), Kathmandu, Nepal

Sharma G, Thakuri Y B, Koirala R B. 2002 (eds): Permaculture Designers' Manual, Nepal Permaculture Group (NPG), Kathmandu, Nepal

Sharma G, Koirala R B, Lamichhane G 2002: Kitchen Gardening Plans: a supportive book for the farmers, School and Community health program Japan

Sharma G, Bajracharya B 2002: Krishak Dwara Garine Parikshyan: Byabaharik Janakari Pustika (Hand book on Farmers Led Experimentation), Sustainable Soil Management Program (SSM-P), Kathmandu, Nepal

Sharma G. 2001 (ed): Digo Bhu Byabasthapan Mukhi Byabaharik Sikshya Pustika Bhag Ek (Sustainable Soil Management Practical Education Book, Part I). Institute for Sustainable Agriculture Nepal (INSAN), Kathmandu, Nepal

Sharma G, Koirala R B. 1998: Permaculture ma Mato Pani Byabasthapan (Soil and Water management in Permaculture. Nepal Permaculture Group, Kathmandu, Nepal

Sharma G. 1997: Farmers Knowledge and Practices Regarding Soil and Water management in the Jhiku Khola Watershed, Nepal. Thesis research submitted at the Wageningen Agriculture University, The Netherlands, for the Degree of M Sc in Ecological Agriculture

Articles & Papers

Sharma G 2009: Ongoing Movements of Permaculture and its achievements in Nepal, Paper presented at the 9th International Permaculture Convergence, Lilongwe, Malawi

Sharma G 2005: Organic Agriculture in Nepal :: An analysis in to status, policy, technology and psychology; Paper presented at the National workshop on Organic Agriculture and Food Security Organized by Nepal Permaculture Group (NPG) in Kathmandu During 13 – 15 December 2005.

Sharma G. 2005: Kiriko Tirimiri, Krishi ko Jhilimili (Dizzying the pests:: Pleasing the plants), News Letter, Nepal Permaculture Group (NPG) Kathmandu Nepal pp 8.

Sharma G. 2005: A brief Manual for Training of Trainers in WTO, SAWTEE Kathmandu (To be published)

Sharma G. 2004: Introduction to Sustainable Agriculture and Its Status in South Asia: Paper Presented at the South Asia Regional Training and Workshop on Sustainable Agriculture, April 13 – 18, 2004, Organized by APHD South Asia, Banglore, India

Sharma G. 2001: Concept and status of Integrated Pest Management in Nepal and SAARC countries. Paper presented at the SAARC level Sustainable agriculture workshop organized by CARITAS Nepal in Dhulikhel Lodge, Dhulikhel, Nepal.

Sharma G. 2001: Sustaining Nepalese Agriculture: the Permaculture approach: Paper presented at 13th scientific conference of IFOAM in Basel, 2001

Sharma G. 2001: Nepal Ma Digo Krishiko Awadharana Ra Awastha (Concepts and Status of Sustainable Agriculture in Nepal). Jeewan Monthly, Volume 2, Issu 7, 2058, Baisakh, pp 10 – 12, Kathmandu, Nepal

Sharma G. 2000: Sustainable forest management. Paper presented at the sustainable forest management workshop organized by Kapileshor forest users group, patalekhet, Kavrepalanchok

Sharma G. 2000: Food security and women trafficking:: Paper presented at the 2nd SAARC People's forum, Kathmandu.

Sharma G. 1999: Cosmo vision Nepal. International Permaculture Journal, Australia, issue 71, June – August 1999, pp 33 -34.

Sharma G. 1999: Present status and Future Possibilities of Organic Agriculture in Nepal. Paper Presented in the Workshop Organized by Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industry and International Trade Organization, Hotel Sita, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Sharma G. 1998: Review on the Agriculture Prospective Plan of Nepal. Paper Presented in the Sustainable Agriculture Scientific Conference organized by Nepal Permaculture Group (NPG) Kathmandu, 4 September, 1998.

Sharma G. 1998: Model of Sustainable Agriculture in Nepal: Paper Presented in the International Workshop on Agriculture and Environment organized by Ecological Center at Birendra International Conference Center, Kathmandu Nepal.

Associated Publications

SSM-P 2004: Vegetable Farming with Sustainable Soil Management. Hand Book

SSMP, STSS 2002: Integrated Plant Nutrient Management for Barilands, Maize and Wheat, SSMP Doc no. 69, 70, 71.

INSAN: Permaculture Postal Net. Bimonthly News Letter