HASERA carries out action researches in various aspects of Permaculture. Following are the major types of research activities going on in HASERA:

Major findings of the past researches

  • Permaculture farm evaluation form
  • Important research findings
    • Three storied pen for the chicken is very efficient for raring chicken in a small scale
    • Crop productivity is highest with 20% organic manure in soil but economically its profitable to put 10%
    • Dipping test of seeds before sowing, mix cropping, light trap and weekly spray of tonal tonic can reduce the pest population by 78% in seasonal vegetables
  • Package of practices for sustainable organic farming
  • Guidelines for earthquake resistant home construction

Ongoing research

  • Biomass production potentiality of land under different management systems
  • Economic comparison between organic and inorganic maize production systems
  • Effect of different dose of organic manure in the productivity of cereals and vegetables
  • Efficiency of herbal pesticides in managing pest of vegetables in Permaculture systems