Services at Hasera

Seed Bank

Seed Bank at Hasera Farm

We have 172 different local seeds available at our seed bank. We are happy to exchange those seeds based on our mutual needs or we also sell them in a small amounts. Most of these seeds are produced by ourselves and some are collected from other farms.

We are planning to increase the number of seed varieties to 500 in the near future.


Nursery at Hasera Farm

We produce seedlings of seasonal vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruits and sell to the needy gardeners. At any time, there will be at least 5 different types of seedlings available at our nursery.

Farm and project designing

Farm Designing Hasera Farm

We provide services for the designing of new Permaculture farms and projects. We do also provide technical facilitation for the better functioning of the existing ones.

Organic Certification

Organic Certification Hasera Farm

We provide orientation and facilitation for the producers who want to certify their products through ICS or PGS systems. We can also provide inspection services for the national and international organic certification bodies.

Organic marketing

Organic Marketing from Hasera

We provide market outlet for the local organic producers and market information for the distant producers. We apply fair trade system for marketing organic products.

Supports for thesis research

Sutdents writing their thesis at Hasera Farm Nepal

We provide management and academic support for the thesis research at the Bachelor, Masters and PHD level. We have comfortable rooms and small library, 8000 sq meters of land for farm work and around 1,000 households in our vicinity for survey related work. We also have well established networks with more than 500 individuals and organizations throughout the country. Managerial support can be coordinated from us for any kind of research topics in any parts of Nepal.